Vigo, Spain

The Vialia Vigo Center

The Vigo-Urzaiz AVE Railway Station project seeks to modernize the cities urban structure with a design that will harmoniously blend its railway and shopping center in the vicinity

The  interior is conceived as a continuous space in which the building's uses will blend seamlessly together. The two shopping levels are laid out along a linear gallery connected by three communication hubs, two at the east (open plaza) and west (railway plaza), and a spacious atrium at the center. The latter will connect the shopping mall to the train boarding area, a functional space that will house ticketing, passenger information, self-luggage lockers, cafeteria, VIP room, etc. leading up to the train platform. Accessible from the Rua Norte and offering views of the estuary, the roof is designed as a large landscaped public square, housing restaurants, entertainment venues and shows, as well as large skylights to provide natural lighting for the building.

The interior space has been conceived as a unit in which railway and commercial activities will coexist