Istanbul, Turkey

Türkiye Finans Headquarters

This proposal was awarded first prize of the architectural competition organized by the developer. The corporate tower is part of a new office complex located in the Asian district of Ümraniye.

Because of its height, layout and location it stands out from the rest of the buildings. It is set at the most visible end of the area, adjacent to a busy North-South highway that limits the district. The tower which is 130 m high is erected on a two story high base with three parallel landscaped courts. The base will also include two parking levels. The central clear glass tower volume is contrasted with the East and West facades with their distinctive solar control treatment. This layout provides a special texture to the building. The towers simple glazed volume is highlighted by a clear glass roof garden box. Visible from afar, the tower will become a new district reference.

Photographs: Yerçekim, Jorge López Conde, Eduardo López Rodríguez