Roma, Italy

Stazione Roma Termini

With an annual influx of 160 million passengers a year, the Termini station, a true icon of modern Roman architecture, represents the most important intermodal hub in the city.

The project aims to reconnect the hub with the city, completely renovating its image. Areas destined for railway services are redesigned while shopping and food services are optimized, improving traveler comfort. The project rearranges pedestrian flows, improving the user experience through enhanced visibility of connections between different levels while smoothing traffic inflow into shopping areas. Likewise, the recovery and restoration of preexisting architecture opens a view of the Servian Wall from the grand entrance hall. Interior design relies on minimalist geometries, noble materials and a finely detailed visual identity.

Double-height retail facades, kiosks designed for versatility, contemporary facings and a full lighting design program   are other elements that will shape the new Termini.