Pune, India

Solitaire World Bibvewadi

The new Solitaire complex is located in Pune, an Indian city about 150km west of Bombay.

It is a 7-hectare mixed-use development, residential and tertiary, aiming to serve as a centre of attraction in the thriving district of Bibvewadi through its diversity of programmes and spaces. Four high rise blocks (3 residential with a cruciform layout and 25 floor prism of offices) punctuate the south side of the plot; while an apartment block, longer and aligned to the northern edge of the site, protects the common spaces from the hustle and bustle of the streets. Next to the latter, a two-storey shopping centre connects and opens onto the street, thus generating quality public spaces. In accordance with local habits, the rooms of the dwellings have been arranged following the vastu shastra doctrine, an aspect that enriches, but also complicates the planning, by preventing the use of symmetries in the overall distribution. The vertical density liberates the interior of the block, which allows for an attractive interaction between the shopping centre and the microclimate of the garden areas.

The urban intervention seeks to revitalize and give value to the connection between the private and the public, providing meaning and order to its implementation respecting local ways of life and preferences.