La Paz, Bolivia

Simon Bolivar Stadium

A straightforward structural solution with a twist to make it unique and recognizable for Bolivar.

Placed in the middle of La Paz’s historical neighbourhood of Tembladerani, the new stadium rises on the same grounds as the former one, increasing its seating capacity up to 20.000 seats.

The prominent concrete structure plays a major role in the configuration of the new stadium. The massive faceted pilars support the upper levels above the lateral stands whereas it contains all the vertical connections.

This naked structure, arranged in a constant rythm of voids and mass is enough to display a powerful image, which outstands in the landscape of La Paz while at the same time blends in with its surroundings.

The proposal manages to fit in the necessary program and seating by rising the playing field up to a new level. Allowing better connections with the surrounding streets and providing extra space underneath, crucial in such a narrow plot.