Madrid, Spain

Río 55 Madrid Business Park

The office complex is divided into two phases that result in different views of the facade that can be enjoyed from the interior

The proposed plan for this new office complex is structured into two phases: the first employs the outlines of two black prisms with a vertical modulation of space, harmoniously in scale with the urban context in which they are found. In the second, the pieces unfold, forming two "L” shaped buildings. As a result of this use geometric configuration, the interior facade has a different character: a completely transparent canvas, with cantilevered panels that aid in shading the building. Thus, the offices open towards the interior of the plot, where a large garden is located, acting as the heart of administrative activity. Usable surfaces are distributed equally in both buildings: the ground floor for retail establishments, food and beverage services, and lobby area, six floors dedicated to office use, and the seventh floor housing a large terrace and offices facing the Paseo de Los Melancólicos.


Photographs: Jose Hevia

The proposal includes a large garden that is the heart of the administrative activity