Le Barcarès, France

Port of Barcarès

Project for the urban development and renewal of the Barcarès harbour, based on the principle of eco-design,

This proposal aims to create an ensemble between “Land and Sea” by joining the surrounding sea, beach, lagoon, and village through the new port. The proposal links traditional activities, associated with fishing, leisure, sporting, cultural, touristic, and commercial activities. The project aims to resolve the problems of car traffic whilst allowing maritime transport to flow, favouring eco-friendly mobility through the creation of new walkways and quays redesigned for pedestrians, as well as a cycle path linking the port and the town. One of the main medium-term objectives is to generate economic activity which will stimulate the town's long-term growth.

The project also includes new facilities, housing and new harbour master's office, destined to become an iconic part of the town's architecture.