Gdansk, Poland

Museum of the City

Competition for the design of the Historical Heritage building for the city of Gdansk

It consists in a new space for exhibitions and cultural events on the banks of the Radunia Canal and next to the multi-functional Radunia Forum complex, of which it will become a part, which houses the regional library, the post office building, offices and a retail and leisure centre. More than simply meeting the functional requirements of the project, the proposal hopes to respond to two urban and architectural questions which the volume of the building has been adapted for. Firstly, to give centre stage to the Radunia Canal, the building will be constructed on both sides of it and will be joined via a bridge on two levels. This means the main public spaces of the CDHMG will overlook the canal.

The project hopes to become a meeting point for visitors to the city as well as the gateway to the historic old town connecting the Sienny and Harceny squares.