Málaga, Spain

Muelle Uno

This project has transformed the area of Muelle Uno (Wharf One) so the citizens can enjoy strolling around and contemplating the new space

Taking the existing landscape, the project proposes a linear layout on two levels which create a parade of shops and restaurants at wharf level, bringing new energy
and vibrancy to a previously lifeless area, while the upper level features a new seafront walkway. The new lineal development leads to a plaza where a large glass cube stands, as the symbol of the new wharf and the insignia of a semi-underground cultural centre, currently a branch of the Centre Pompidou. "El Cubo" is 12 metres across and formed by a metal structure covered in panes of glass which overlap like fish scales to filter the light entering the building.

Photographs: Nicolás Pinzón

El Cubo, a branch of the Centre Pompidou, is without doubt the most characteristic part of the project, not only for its strategic position, but also for the boldness of its form

Photographs: Nicolás Pinzón