Istanbul, Turkey

Modern East - Antasya

Urban development of a plot in Ümraniye, a neighbourhood on the outskirts of Istanbul.

This mixed use complex will include business and leisure activities, offices and housing spread around a large landscaped plaza. The project will radically transform the area - currently occupied by an obsolete shopping centre and a car park -, into a high quality space for residents, users of the shopping centre and workers. The residential complex consists of a single 36 storey volume, freeing up as much open space as possible.

To the south of the plot, and connecting it to the business district, we find two towers of offices, the largest of which is 120 metres high. Its landscaped roof offers exceptional panoramic views of Istanbul, while the spacious halls and sky lobbies allow users to enjoy the direct sunlight in all the workspaces.

Photographs: Yerçekim