Madrid, Spain

Luchana & Francisco de Rojas

These consist of two design projects for new facades that seek to update the look of two buildings in Madrid which face each other across Calle de Luchana.

The proposed plan for the building located on the north consists of an "integrated" façade that will enhance the building's energy and climate efficiency, taking advantage of natural lighting. Given its total exposure on all sides, a second skin adapting to the angle of orientation is envisaged as a passive control system. For the building with access via Manuel Cortina, a simple curtain wall is planned for the north façade of the main edifice, with the other building reflected upon it. The east and west facades will be covered with a second skin of stretched sheeting, lacquered in white, made up of panels of unequal sizes. The piece at lower height will be treated with horizontal bands of white silk-screened glass that will act to join the 3 structures in the complex.

Transparency, modernity and sustainability are the cornerstones of each proposed plan