Montévrain, France

Le Clos du Chêne

“Le Clos du Chêne” Retail Park, open since 2007, is going be enlarged

The project has two main characteristics: it seeks a harmonious integration with the surroundings and its architecture is bioclimatic. Located on a lot next to the existing retail park, it extends the preexisting constructions and creates new internal circulation patterns that link the different commercial lots. The architectural language that has been used for the new buildings allows them to blend with the preexisting ones while offering an adapted solution for each volume size. The greenery that is part of the project aims to create a link between the Mont Evrin parc, the Gassets pond and the Fontenelle forest. The “ZAC du Clos Rose” where the project is located is part of the eco-neighborhood of Montévrain.

The project responds to all the requirements regarding bioclimatic architecture and sustainable development