La Louvière, Belgium

La Strada

The objective of the mixed-use project, situated on an industrial land in the heart of La Louvière, is to reconstruct the urban fabric of the city centre, located amongst the city hall, the museum, the Lanchelevici Theatre and the railway station.

The project is planned around three premises: the urbanistic, through the connection with the city network; the functional, which organises the uses according to the context, and the landscaping, which links the linear park to the urban forest named “Le Jardin”, creating a large green core.

Regarding the project’s function, a mixed-use program is planned that includes retail and leisure, housing, medical services and co-working spaces, all associated with the existing cultural use in the project’s scope: the Keramis Ceramics Museum and the philharmonic centre.

Formally, architecture at the human scale is proposed in which the buildings are designed not only as singular pieces or parts of a fabric but rather as spaces that relate to the green areas. An iconic building destined for co-working spaces will be situated in the centre of the project with views towards the park.

In this context, the adoption of a proportioned scale, the creation of porous areas connected to the existing fabric and the use of ETFE to cover the public spaces are some of the strategies for the development of a coherent and sustainable urban project that will endow the city centre with a contemporary and innovative image.