La Roca del Vallés, Spain

La Roca Village

The design of this outlet aims to create an urban space which complements the commercial activity.

It is inspired by the typical streets, squares and shopping promenades of a middle sized Catalan town from the beginning of the century. The volumes are organized on both sides of the two axes at whose north and east extremes are located the public accesses to the pedestrian inner area and car park. The treatment of the pedestrian zone plays a fundamental role in providing the urban character of the whole complex. Two very different groups of building are distinguishable, on the one hand the buildings located by the entrances and the main positions of the complex, whose design is singular and distinct, and on the other the buildings with a more uniform layout which lie along the streets.


Photographs: Nicolás Pinzón

This distinction is necessary in order to create points of attention in the pedestrian paths as reflected in a real city.

Photographs: Nicolás Pinzón