Le Cannet, France

La Pépinière

Commercial project with housing and health centre

At the heart of the Côte d’Azur, in the urban fabric of Le Cannet, this project is revitalising part of a neighbourhood by making the most of a steep hilly landscape. La Pépinière is based around 3 types of architecture forming a geometric pattern of sloping planes connected by little squares and small streets. The buildings character is determined by the use of landscaped green roofs which provide continuity with the actual ground; a modern Provençal village with clay tiled roofs, lime plasterwork and wood shutters and the addition of greenhouses typical from the area.

An example of the symbiosis between modernity and local roots, la Pépinière is a project which is integrated in the collective memory of locals and their environment, creating spaces on a human scale which forge a more intimate relationship between users and the whole.