Sao Paulo, Brazil

Jardim Pamplona

The architectural intervention consists in the opening of facades allowing both the vertical visibility inside the building, as well as the transparency towards the two streets opposite to the building.

This refurbishment of old department stores, built in the 1970s, integrates the various spaces dedicated to retail activity with an area for leisure and catering, topped by a terrace to offer panoramic views of the well-known Jardins neighbourhood, in the heart of São Paul. The continuous presence of vegetation and the irruption of natural light in the interior spaces, thanks to the atrium, are the main features of this architectural intervention.


Photographs: Daniel Ducci

Both the interior and exterior finishes and the selection of materials have been carefully selected in order to offer quality spaces and the best features in terms of environmental comfort, creating a new image and a new commercial concept in the Jardins district.