Paris Île-de-France, France


The urban regeneration project "Italik" is one of the winners of the "Réinventer Paris" competition which is redeveloping 23 sites across Paris.

"Italik" aims to reinvent a public space adjacent a blind and featureless façade located on the Avenue d'Italie, with the aim of creating a dialogue with the surroundings and better accessibility to the existing buildings. The transformation will generate new spaces for the local community, encouraging social interaction, synergies and biodiversity. The proposal takes the form of a new volume creating a double ground floor. At street level, behind a double height glass façade the building will house innovative business initiatives (leisure, green transport, organic food). The garden level, at the same height as the entrances of the residential buildings, is designed on a neighbourhood scale and will have public facilities: urban allotments and gardens for green education projects, a kindergarten and a space for social and cultural events.

This is an innovative project, not only in its design and construction choices, but also for the participatory nature of its conception.