Madrid, Spain

Goya 14

The renovation project of the Gmp offices on Goya Street aims to improve the lighting inside the building and to create terraces on all levels.

The renovation project of the office building Goya 14, property of Grupo Gmp, located in the iconic Goya Street - in the heart of the Salamanca district -, has a twofold purpose. The first concerns the interior space of the building, where its core has been moved to the darkest part of the building to create a pass-through office with better lighting than the current one and with two facades facing each other.

The second objective is to provide terraces on all levels of the building. To achieve this, we create an articulated set of facades, roofs, and green interior areas that respond to the concept of "a glass with a green heart", allowing each floor of the offices to have landscaped terraces on both the north and south facades.

The strategic layout of these facades configures a singular and unique overall image that aims to convey the values of transparency, technology, and sustainability embodied by the Gmp brand as well as becoming an outstanding icon in the profile of the Salamanca district, a busy area used by many pedestrians and vehicles.