Barcelona, Spain

Glòries Shopping Centre Refurbishment

The rehabilitation of the Glòries shopping centre aims to transform an obsolete facility fostering a new space for street life

It is a super-block, formed by four blocks of the Barcelona Ensanche, in whose public interior space is fully recovered and totally connected to the consolidated urban fabric. The urban transformation involves the densification of the interior spaces of the blocks, which gives continuity to the axes of the outer urban fabric. The intervention includes a new volume: a glass cube that will sit in the old sunken square. At a functional level, the closed malls disappear and street trade is prioritized, with ample and transparent treatment of the double height façades. The three commercial floors are connected through large voids at street level.


Photographs: Nicolás Pinzón

A wide variety of catering options accompanies an artistic itinerary for the pedestrian accesses and resting areas, with sculptures by Javier Mariscal