Bordeaux, France


The project is developed on the left bank of the Garona and promises to be a perfect integration of a commercial development in this new area of the city.

Les Berges du Lac, an exceptional natural setting, is located to the north of Bordeaux. In this location, the eco-friendly proposal reinterprets nature through the use of local species, the creation of a tree lined walk and an artificial stream.

The project follows the Grenelle Environment agreements for sustainability through the use of local materials, renewables and low environmental impact materials. Priority is given to sustainable mobility in order to create an agreeable and ecologically coherent neighborhood.


Photographs: Guillaume Guérin

The project is designed on a double scale to promote the transition from a human scale, the residential area, to large surfaces located facing the 40 Journaux Avenue. The architecture is bioclimatic, having an organic roof which reduces the use of energy.