Alcobendas, Spain

De La Vega Business Park

The result of an architectural competition, the project consisted in the complete remodeling of the common areas in an office complex, located in a strategic area north of Madrid, near the airport and the Burgos highway.

The work involved restructuring the main floor, relocating the main access to this complex of four buildings to Avenida de la Vega, while the old access area was converted into a large garden with rest areas. In order to adapt to current trends in new work spaces, co-working areas were added, as well as a cafeteria on the ground floor, multipurpose rooms, a gymnasium, outdoor sports areas, and even a rack for electric bicycles.


Photographs: Felipe Scheffel

As finishing touches, the lobbies and floor vestibules were remodeled, and the opaque marquee that covered the atrium connecting the four lobbies was replaced with a glass model that notably improves the view from the offices