New Cairo, Egypt

Al Burouj

These are three residential developments of various kinds located east of Cairo, in plots close to each other, in the new residential area of Alburouj, in the district of New Cairo.

Plot 1.01 is intended for 151 two and three-floor semi-detached houses with private garden and roof terrace. The common areas of this complex will have a large central garden, accesses with security posts, and a parking area. Plot 1.10 will host a total of 138 2 and 3-room apartments, arranged in several blocks of longitudinal or square foundations, with common gardens and parking. Project 1.14 consists of 118 2 and 3-bedroom homes distributed in 14 blocks interspersed with common garden areas.

Its minimalist architecture, albeit with local touches, together with the meticulous landscaping project, allows for creating spaces that harmoniously integrate culture and nature, connecting its inhabitants with the land about