Vialia Vigo has achieved the EXCELLENT rating in the BREEAM certificate

· April 9, 2024

The project has been certified under BREEAM ES NC 2015 for New Construction, with an excellent rating of 75%. This reflects an ambition pursued from the beginning and reflecting the commitment to excellence and high quality standards of this project.

This achievement, combined with the excellent AIS certification for accessibility, the ASPRIMA award for the best urban regeneration initiative in 2021, and the AIS 2023 Prize, establishes it as a benchmark for urban evolution and accessibility while respecting the environment.

The Vialia Estación de Vigo project, in collaboration with Morphosis, aims to create an innovative and modern urban infrastructure integrating railway and commercial uses.

The interior space is designed as a continuous space where both activities coexist with a design that seamlessly connects interior spaces with the surrounding urban environment.

The station is a cutting-edge aluminum building featuring outdoor leisure areas and a public canopy, providing access to railway platforms via an experiential journey illuminated by expansive skylights.