The renovation of the La Vaguada shopping center reinvents its history and improves its sustainability.

· June 29, 2023

The new design allows its integration into the urban environment and reinforces the shopping center as a reference in the neighborhood of El Pilar, increasing its visibility, unifying the interior image and improving the lighting of the galleries. La Vaguada will be more visible and livable from the outside and more friendly and natural from the inside.

L35's design proposal aims to renovate the building itself and its exterior areas, reinventing Manrique's heritage and adapting it to today's technical possibilities.

La Vaguada was inaugurated in 1983 and became the first shopping center in Spain, being considered "The heart of Madrid" due to its perfect location in the center of El Pilar neighborhood. The proposed renovation highlights the value of this historical legacy, based on the same concepts that were once the backbone of the design by the Canary Island artist César Manrique: the contrasts of natural materials, the participation of vegetation, the importance of the large skylights and the iconic signature of the center - the candles - on the façade of planters.

During its forty years of existence, the center has been evolving. That is why the intervention that L35 will undertake in the coming months is expected to highlight many of the original details that have been buried by some of the renovations carried out in the past.

The new design includes improved integration with the urban environment and the neighborhood, green areas, a greater amount of access areas and fluidity of its interior and exterior space.

One of the premises that have marked the project has been the sustainability of the building and the efficient use of light. To this end, the renovation will make the most of natural light, with large skylights and the corresponding improvement in energy, thermal and acoustic efficiency in the renovated areas.

Energy efficient solutions will be provided to achieve low energy consumption, proximity materials with low carbon footprint and cradle to cradle, design of healthy environments for the user and the creation of favorable environments for the biodiversity of the ecosystem.

Our design proposal was selected by La Vaguada in a competition with the best specialized firms, with the premise of turning La Vaguada into a more modern, sustainable, warm and attractive center for visitors and citizens of Madrid.