The construction of the mixed-use project BIG Fashion Petak Tikva in Tel Aviv takes off

· May 6, 2024

The launch event for Petah Tikva in Tel Aviv took place on April 8th. This ambitious program aims to renovate and transform the Jabotinsky industrial neighborhood into a mixed-use complex, incorporating offices, hotels, and residential towers interconnected by a commercial core.

Alejandro Lorca, Architect Partner at L35 Architects, pointed out that "Mixed-use developments are a fundamental trend in contemporary urban development. The integration of different functions promotes complementarity among them, driving commercial activity and generating synergies that maintain vitality throughout the week."

BIG Fashion Petah Tikva creates a memorable and recognizable space thanks to its simple architectural language that unifies the complexity of the project. It aims to achieve comfort and wellbeing through a community lifestyle in connection with nature and focusing on car-free pedestrian areas and urban landscaping.

The concept of BIG Fashion Petah Tikva is an urban, open-space pastoral complex, where nature and landscape meet with recreation and shopping in the most populated location in the country. The site’s conditions, dimensions and location have made it possible to conceive a fragment of the city integrated into its surroundings that aspires to be the new heart of the urban center.

The proposal aims to give continuity to the urban fabric and create an interior pedestrian itinerary in which the different uses are implemented. This pedestrian axis, in addition to being a structural landscape element of the complex, is designed around a commercial area of obligatory transit, the core of the life of the complex and of the neighborhood.

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