Signing of the concession contract for the construction of the new El Campín

· June 9, 2024

Last Friday, June 7th, the Mayor's Office of Bogotá and Sencia Bogotá signed the contract to bring the new cultural and sports complex "El Campín" in Bogotá to life.

It is a step forward that brings us closer to turning this dream into a tangible reality, a milestone that will benefit not only the city but the entire country.

Along with the renovation of Bogotá's El Campín Stadium, the urban regeneration project aims to transform this 174,000 sqm space into a high-level cultural and sports complex, including an auditorium for the Bogotá Philharmonic Orchestra, commercial and restaurant areas, an event pavilion, offices, hotels, and a significant, innovative, and renovated public space.

The project's guiding principle is to create a quality urban environment that regenerates the Campín area through pedestrian pathways, outdoor activities, and uses that bring life to the neighborhood.

More information about the project here.