Lagoh Shopping Center rolls out a spectacular green roof

· October 2, 2019

Developed by Grupo Lar, the Lagoh shopping and leisure center had its official opening last Thursday 26th September 2019 in Seville (Spain). This next-generation retail project is the latest L35 creation. Its innovative architecture, featuring a 10,000 m² green roof, was designed with the highest sustainability standards.

Split into two levels, the shopping, leisure and dining areas cover an area extending over 100,000 m² arranged around a large lake. The water feature is intended to become a new meeting landmark for the city inhabitants. The ample body of water, measuring some than 6,500 m², will act as a thermal regulator, also improving the biodiversity of the surroundings. Thanks to the wide variety of selected vegetation, this urban landscaped garden is an ideal setting for restaurants and leisure activities.