JJA Headquarters and showroom in Gonesse (France)

· September 24, 2021

L35 has recently completed the corporate headquarters and showroom of JJA, company located in Gonesse, north of Paris. The plan for this project is inspired by ethics, efficiency and innovation: three values that represent the company.

The main building truly stands out thanks to its imposing two-story glass facade with white concrete slats, crowned by a monumental canopy that gives the entrance the gravitas these headquarters deserve. It is designed around a central garden covered by an ETFE structure, which constitutes the site’s green lung and is visible from all interior areas.

Its design, based on the “campus” concept, aims to create quality work environments that promote collaboration and prioritize living conditions and user comfort. Two large volumes house offices and showrooms distributed around a garden and two pedestrian walkways:  one for clients on the ground floor, the other for employees on the first floor.