“El Cubo” designed by L35 hosts the Centre Pompidou in Malaga

Málaga · March 30, 2015

From the 28th of March, el Cubo in Malaga is hosting part of the collection from the Centre Pompidou. This will be accompanied by a varied programme of multidisciplinary experiences, exhibitions and workshops.

The large twelve-metre wide glass cube is the visible part of the 6,300 m² two-story cultural building, which houses the new branch of the Georges Pompidou National Centre of Art and Culture. El Cubo, designed by L35 as part of the Marina de la Farola project, better known as Muelle Uno, has recently been given a new touch of colour by French artist D. Buren. This urban transformation across 56,000 m² has reconnected the people of Malaga with the sea through the creation of a seafront promenade on two levels, starting in the central plaza where El Cubo sits and extending towards the Plaza de la Farola. At sea level, this longitudinal space offers a range of commercial premises, kiosks and green areas. The upper level is notable for its natural spaces and leisure areas which encourage people to take a pleasant stroll and contemplate the surroundings. Relying on the existing topography, a large ramp slopes gently between the two platforms to unite the Palmeral de las Sorpresas with the plaza of the cultural centre. This intervention evokes a sea of stone from which emerges the great glass cube as a beacon for the whole complex.

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