Cultural & Sports Complex El Campín in Bogotá (Colombia)

· October 26, 2021

Together with the refurbishment of Bogotá's El Campín stadium, the project will transform this space into a high-level cultural and sports complex, including an auditorium, a commercial area and a renovated public space.

The starting point for the project is creating a high-quality urban ecosystem that serves as a permanent catalyst for an area of the city now physically and visually fragmented and isolated. For that purpose, pedestrian routes, outdoor activities, and dynamic uses, as well as a big square will articulate and connect the three milestones of this major mixed-use project: stadium, auditorium, and arena. The whole appears integrated in Bogota’s landscape and surroundings becoming an important revitalizer for the city and the country itself.

The design of the whole project reinterprets and evokes the Oriental Hills and Bogota’s own identity of topography and vegetation.