Construction begins on Bolívar Stadium in La Paz (Bolivia)

· January 19, 2023

Club Bolívar’s new headquarters will be a landmark in the city of La Paz. Open and connected to its surroundings, it will be built on the remains of the previous stadium, with a monumental yet permeable volume.

The future Bolívar stadium will be prepared to host concerts and will have restaurants, stores and event halls that will extend the building's activity beyond game days.

L35 has ingeniously maximized the seating capacity by raising the field and the stands 3 meters above the current level.

The new seating capacity will allow the stadium to host games of the Copa Libertadores and of the Copa Sudaméricana up to round 16 and quarterfinals.

The height adjustment of the field and stands opens up accesses for the public in the openings around the perimeter, allowing the necessary circulation and dispersion of visitors.

The result is a timeless architecture without artifice that will preserve its architectural relevance over time.

A landmark for fans and the city.

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