L35 Architects

Who we are

Principles, Values and Goals

Architecture is not just an art but a service to the community carrying an unquestionable social and cultural responsibility.                         

Beyond individuality, we understand our profession as collective and multidisciplinary work.

In an increasingly interconnected world, we believe in teamwork as a value generator, understanding creativity as the ability to give the best, tailor-made answer to concept and context in each project, and as a result of a rewarding dialogue and exchange between all participants of a complex team.

Our goal is excellence in the design from a perspective of creative freedom, coupled with technical thoughtfulness and the capacity to master all stages of the project from initial sketches to the finished building.


Through 50 years of history we have carried out over 200 works in four continents, including all architectural typologies. Our experience in complex and mixed-use projects –many of which have earned international recognition and awards- is of particular relevance.

Among many others, La Maquinista is worth mentioning. It represented a revolution in the way of understanding shopping centres and a commitment to integrate them into the urban structure.

More recently, the Santiago Bernabéu stadium renovation contest has positioned our studio in a new professional domain.

Italik, in the heart of Paris, is another innovative urban refurbishment project and one of the winners of the Réinventer Paris competition.

Team = Experience + Youth + Talent

Today we are a team of 38 partners and over 200 professionals with a global and multidisciplinary activity in constant development. Our commitment to teamwork has not changed since our beginning in 1967 and is undoubtedly one of our greatest achievements. We are today  a group of professionals from around twenty nationalities, injecting experience, youth and talent into each and every job that we take.

Technology + Sustainability

Committed to quality and to provide optimized solutions, L35 integrates the highest technical standards into the creative process, offering the client a comprehensive service from concept to construction supervision and deploying the right building technology as well as structural and MEP principles for each project. Complex and large-scale projects are developed with BIM technology, creating a model that controls all aspects of the building.

Our approach is responsible, environment-friendly and architecturally intelligent, where sustainability is inherent to the design process. In terms of energy efficiency, our in-house experts can advise and guide our clients throughout the process of international environmental certifications (BREEAM, LEED, HQE, etc.).